Nutrition During Long Runs

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What nutrition issues should you consider for fuelling during long runs?

This two-part video has guidance on nutrition during your long runs (training for distances of half marathon up to full marathon).

The first part covers the basics, for newer runners or those stepping up to longer distances. (You can watch just Part 1 here)

The second part is aimed at more experienced runners or those looking to improve performance. (For Part 2 only click here. )

Part 1 – An overview:

  • Why long runs are a great way to experiment with nutrition while running and find what works for you.
  • What kind of nutrition? Different nutrition types, brands and testing them out.
  • A few thoughts on caffeine.
  • Ideas for carrying gels.
  • How many gels should you have during a long run?

Part 2 – For improving performance, or more experienced runners:

  • Why long runs without nutrition can be helpful, as a way to teach your body to metabolise fats.
  • When nutrition can help – long runs with faster sections.
  • Why it’s useful to thinking about your training session objective, and tie your nutrition strategy for the run into that.

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